Terms Of Service

The Terms of Service ("Agreement") described on this website ("Srvis.com") below is effective the moment the Customer ("Customer") signs up for services and payment is received and/or creates an account with Srvis ("Provider").
Srvis strives to provide the best service for its clients. While most of our clients want to follow the rules some don't. We strongly suggest reporting any abuse that you see to our ticket system or to our email at: support@srvis.com.
We provide a 7-Day money back guarantee, as long as you have not violated any of our terms and have used a reasonable amount of resources including less than 30GB of B/W you will be allowed to get a full money refund. Refunds are not available on our account credit system.
Payment Charge-Backs
Any charge backs issued that result in your payment being withheld from Srvis will result in immediate suspension of all services. If the charge back goes through, your services will be terminated 24 hours from the charge back end.
To cancel your service please do so through our automated cancellation system, you can find this when you go to manage your service inside of the client area. Services will automatically be terminated because of non-payment within 3-15 days from the due date of the invoice.
Setup Times
At Srvis we use MaxMind for fraud detection, although this would get out most of the fraudulent customers it doesn't get out them all. Your first order can take up to 24 hours to be approved by a admin and setup. Orders after your first approved order will be instantly setup.
Terminations / Suspensions
Failure to follow and comply with the Terms of Service will result in an immediate termination and/or suspension of the customer's service(s) without notice, and without refund.
Late Fees
A late fee may be added to invoices that are past due. The amount of the late fee can vary depending on your invoice.
Spam/Unconsolidated Emails
Provider has a strict no spam policy Customer must comply with the CAN-SPAM act.
Service Abuse
Abusing servers includes but is not limited to Spam, Hacking Attempts, Overusing Resources, DDOS, Bot-net use etc. If customer is found to be doing any abusive acts to our servers or other providers / peoples servers customer will immediately have service(s) suspended. Depending on the abuse law enforcement may be notified.
The customer agrees to indemnify and hold Srvis harmless from any lawsuit(s), claim(s), charge(s), or expense(s), and including reasonable attorney fees and cost of defense, for any matter arising from or relating to the customer's service(s) provided here-under.
Other Polices
By Agreeing to the terms located on this page customer also agrees to our Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy.
Terms of Service Changes
Provider holds the right to change the Terms of Service and other policies at anytime without notice. Please check on our policies and terms regularly.

Acceptable Use Policy

Activities NOT allowed/prohibited on any of the Providers services includes but is not limited to:
  1. Using abnormally high amounts of bandwidth for long periods of time
  2. Running high CPU usage scripts and/or applications.
  3. Spamming
  4. Public Proxy / VPN Services
  5. Torrents ( hosting or downloading )
  6. Hosting and/or Providing Links to Wares / Copyrighted Material
  7. Hosting Adult Content
  8. IRC Programs, Scripts, and Bots
  9. Hateful/racist/harassment oriented services / sites
  10. Hacker focused sites/archives/programs
  11. Any activities illegal in the United States of America and/or Michigan.
  12. Broadcast or streaming of live sporting events ( UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, etc.
  13. HYIP ( High-Yield Instant Programs ) or related sites / services
  14. IP Scanners
  15. DDOS Scripts
  16. Online Gambling Websites
Customer agrees that provider may alert them of other forms of abuse on their service listed or not listed here and that customer will have to fix the abuse within a reasonable amount of time.

Privacy Policy

  • Provider may disclose any customer information to law enforcement agencies without further consent or notification to the customer upon lawful request from such agencies. Provider will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies.
  • Provider will make all attempts to keep all customer information safe by using the latest patches for its software, using SSL on our billing areas, and maintaining updated staff passwords on all staff control panels.
  • Provider will not disclose any information to marketing companies, or anyone that is specifically buying customer information for advertisement.
  • Provider may use any emails and or sent text to provider including support tickets in providers advertisements or website.

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