Most of you will know us as ErrantWeb! We're the same people. However Srvis is going to be much more organized, a registered Michigan business, and have better hardware. We know that this change may be strange to some of you, however we would like to tell you that it is all for the best! With this change we will be able to offer you more for your money, and offer you some of the best support in the industry! ErrantWeb has been around for two years now, sadly we don't think that we planned for it to get as large as it has, nor did we organize things in a productive manner, meaning slower support, and disorganized plans. With Srvis we are making sure everything is as organized as it can be, so that if a new support member starts here they will have all of the information they need and be able to support you in a timely manner. 

Some things that you may need to do:
  • Remove any PayPal subscriptions to our ErrantWeb payment system. (if you forget to do this we will gladly refund your payment to our old gateway.)
  • Update your nameservers. ( this may have been stated before we made the change for the billing area )
  • Update your bookmarks to include the new Srvis links.
  • Continue being a great client and watch your hosting get even better than it ever has!

If you are one of our website hosting customers you may have noticed that we now have off-site redundant nameservers, this means that incase of a catastrophic failure at one of our datacenters your DNS will still function. Also we have added a free website builder to our shared hosting, this is something that we think a lot of you will enjoy.

Our VPS customers will notice changes in the coming months, one of these being moved off of our old hardware and on-to our new servers, this means that you will have faster processors, better disk speed, and higher quality service overall. 

Colocation customers will notice no change other than billing. 

We hope to have you all continue your service with us and continue to be great clients, we know that it may be hard for the first month or two but after that you will be happy that you sticked with your provider. Remember that ErrantWeb was not sold and is in the same hands as it always has been. We appreciate your understanding.

Travis Waye
Srvis LLC President

Friday, January 3, 2014

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